Men’s Care

Shaving. It’s unavoidable, but what if you could make it more than just a shave?

Now you can. With Dividends, you can cleanse, exfoliate and condition all in one step. This concentrated lather gently removes dirt and oil and optimises razor glide for a clean, smooth shave that leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

We’re here to help you get more from your morning routine. Along with the rest of the Nu Skin for Men range, including our Aftershave Balm, Dividends helps men get the most from the time they spend getting ready for the day ahead. This line of multifunctional products brings a whole lot of extra skincare benefits with no extra hassle.


Why will I love it?
Cleanses, exfoliates, and conditions as you shave to leave skin feeling smooth and comfortable.
Rich lather optimises razor glide.
Creamy format allows for a smooth, comfortable shave that helps reduce razor burn and bumps.


Place a moderate amount of cream onto moistened hand and gently smooth onto skin before shaving. After shaving, rinse thoroughly with warm water.